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"I completely understand and appreciate the value of exposing young children to “real” live music as much as possible. Seeing them soak it in is simply a joy! Thank you!"

Audience member



Live music requires the skills and expertise of professional musicians, who have rehearsed and practiced for hours before they perform for an audience. We are committed to using the very best musicians, who are enthusiastic and dedicated to their art.


Our events are multi sensory and immersive experiences which remain with you and your child long after you have left the venue. We want to make all this as accessible as possible.

Ticket sales alone cannot cover the cost of producing our concerts. It takes the additional help of amazing people like you, and funding from trusts and foundations to keep us bringing live music to children and families of all backgrounds.

When you donate to us you will play a role in supporting extraordinary performances, artistic excellence and making live music available to children, families and schools across the region. 

Thank you for helping us.

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