Support Music for Miniatures

Now, more than ever, we need your support to continue to bring all things musical to you and your family.

We believe that every child should experience the magic of live music and the joy it can bring! Help us continue to be able to bring live music to families and schools. High quality live classical music for children is rare but we aim to address this. Your support helps us to bring concerts to families in deprived areas, it assists schools in bringing live music into the classroom and it brings a huge amount of inspiration to all who experience one of our performances.

It's been a really tough year in 2020, and we want to make your world a brighter place through live music. We're bringing live music to children and families to relieve stress, anxiety and generally to enrich lives. Please give generously to help us to keep bringing amazing live music to you and your family, support the musicians who are performing for you, and to enable us to plan for the future! Thank you!

If your company could offer us sponsorship, please do email us! If you can off us some in-kind support such as a venue for free, or some thing else, please do get in touch! We're always delighted to work in partnership and welcome new collaborations!​

Music for Miniatures is a Registered Charity 1184284. We rely on our wonderful supporters to help us bring amazing live music to local venues for you and your little one. Our online donations are managed by Charities Aid Foundation. If you are a UK tax payer, please consider adding gift aid to your donation.

We're incredibly grateful to our donors, The Roper Family Charitable Trust for helping us to make 40 Free Family Concerts happen and to Arts Council England for their previous support for our Theatrical Chamber Music Productions. 

Thank you,


Artistic Director - Music for Miniatures