"At Music for Miniatures, we believe that EVERY child should experience live music throughout their lives."

Julie Payne - Artistic Director

Our vision

To bring high quality live music to every child aged 0-11, regardless of background.

Our mission

To transform communities, schools and families with the shared experience of musical excellence through live performance.

What we do and why we’re unique!

Music for Miniatures provides opportunities for children and their families to experience high quality live music.


We give regular family concerts across B&NES, Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire, and visit schools to inspire, educate, excite and connect children with live music.


Although predominantly classical, we showcase a wide range of music - folk, world, classical, jazz, and we have featured orchestral instruments, choirs and instruments from around the world.


Our ‘older kids’ series, Crescendo has a much more interactive element and introduces children to the instruments in an engaging and inspiring way varying from music-only concerts to immersive theatrical chamber music performances.

We are the ONLY organisation providing this type of regular concert across the whole of Wiltshire, Somerset, B&NES and Gloucestershire.


We are the ONLY organisation to be able to reach so many children across such a wide geographical area with LIVE classical music performances.