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"A fantastic way to enrich our wider curriculum!"

Victoria Reyes - Headteacher, Ubley Primary School

Live music in schools & nurseries

Crescendo is the 'older kids' series from Music for Miniatures that re-imagines the traditional concert to make it an interactive, immersive theatrical experience. We bring the concert hall into your school hall.


Crescendo offers a wide range of inspiring and educational live music performances for Primary Schools, Special Schools and EYFS settings across the south west and beyond.

We offer:

  • Live, interactive concerts in your school/classroom/nursery

  • Theatrical Chamber Music shows

Our shows are suitable for:

  • EYFS, KS1 & KS2

  • SEND children

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Why bring live music into your school?

Sadly, live music in schools is rare nowadays. Children generally have no idea what instruments sound like when played really well, or what they look like. We want to inspire and educate the next generation so they grow up knowing what an oboe looks and sounds like, why the bassoon is amazing and why the french horn is so cool.


Our musicians are passionate about music and are all professional performers. Music, to them, is what makes the world go round. They want to share that passion with children to inspire them to enjoy music, maybe learn an instrument, but most of all to be receptive to all kinds of music.

To find out more about how we can excite, inspire and educate your children, get in touch! Email us

"The children were totally immersed in this high quality experience and it was sheer delight to see their faces.

For many children this was a unique opportunity to be involved and exposed to classical music of a professional quality. A fantastic way to enrich our wider curriculum."

“For some of our children with more complex needs, the music alone was truly wonderful. These children do not often appear to focus on, or attend to, what is happening visually but, as we know, music fulfils many emotional and physical / sensory needs as well as being a real aid to communication for these children.”

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