Our response to the COVID-19 outbreak...

Our live concerts may be cancelled during the COVID-19 outbreak, but music is definitely alive!!

Wondering what you can do to keep music going in your house during COVID-19 isolation?  We've got choirs, concerts and classes for you from all across the UK! 

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Humbugs - Singing for Sanity for mums

Humbugs are starting online singing sessions to help the effects of isolation on mums with little ones. The best bit is that no-one else will hear you sing if you don't want them to and it doesn't matter if baby howls in the background! TUESDAYS 10am, Zoom. £4 per session. Tickets online.

Online concerts from other providers

You're now spoilt for choice when it comes to watching concerts online! Best bit is that you don't have to sit through the whole thing and can pause when/if you want to 😊

Online music classes we recommend

Many classes have now moved to online teaching via Zoom, YouTube and Facebook Live. Please continue to support them if you can as the leaders will be relying on income generated to pay the bills!

Our own live classical concerts

for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and their grown-ups will be back the second we're allowed! Watch this space...

Amazing live music in a relaxed atmosphere will return, we promise!

Concerts coming soon...

We WILL be back, bringing you and your little one stunning live music

In the meantime, please enjoy our social media feeds and support musicians across the globe who are feeling a bit lost without applause. If you like what we do, please consider donating a few quid to help us continue to bring you ideas and keep plugging away and organising concerts for the minute we can get back to being with you in person again. We'd really appreciate it!

Baby-friendly concerts? Really?

Yes, and you'll love them!

What's it all about?

Music for Miniatures is for YOU and your little one. It is a series of short live concerts specifically designed for parents, grandparents and carers to enjoy in the company of babies, toddlers and young children (aged 0-4). Performed by professional musicians, we showcase a huge variety of music and instruments with classical music, folk, world and jazz. And yes, you'll love it!

The best thing about a Music for Miniatures concert is… we don’t mind noise! Babies can sleep, cry, babble and crawl whilst toddlers are free to explore and enjoy in their own way without being told to “ssh”. Older little ones can dance, play air-instruments and get right up close to the performers. We don’t even mind if the audience needs a nap!

We know that it can be difficult to find something everyone can enjoy together. Our concerts leave the participation up to you. You can sit and snuggle or get up and dance. There's no pre-learnt routines/songs and definitely never any 'Wheels on the bus"! At a Music for Miniatures concert you can experience the magic of live music with your little one enjoy it together.

Live music in nurseries and pre-schools

We can give an interactive concert anywhere! Our musicians are experienced at performing in the smallest of spaces so if you're looking for a treat for your children, get in touch! We travel across the south west and beyond and can do themed concerts to suit you.

Why Music for Miniatures? 

With two young children of her own, Julie felt there were no opportunities to take her children to local concerts where it didn't matter if her then 18 month old wandered around and her then 4 year old asked loud questions. Music for Miniatures was 'born' in 2014 to give parents and carers a chance to enjoy high quality live classical in the company of their babies/toddlers/pre-schoolers without having to worry about wriggly bottoms, crawling around or the odd squeal. "Amazing music in a relaxed atmosphere" pretty much sums up Music for Miniatures. 


Julie believes that children should be exposed to high quality, live music from a very early age and that concert-going should be as common as swimming lessons for young children to help inspire them, encourage creativity and help them to listen with open ears. Find out more about Julie at her own website. www.juliepayne.info

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Music for Miniatures is a Registered Charity in England and Wales number 1184284.