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"A genius idea, beautifully executed!"

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Live shows for schools, nurseries, venues & festivals - 

All our shows are completely pop-up, require no power and are perfect for schools, nurseries, venues, festivals, arts centres, theatres and even fields!

If you would like to enquire about booking us, get in touch.


Bubble Bach - whole school EYFS, KS1 & KS2

Bubble Bach is a stunning combination of the music of J.S. Bach and live, jaw-dropping bubble art! This show is hugely popular with schools, nurseries, venues and festivals. Suitable for all ages because who doesn't like bubbles? Explore the science of bubbles, blow the mind, and experience some high quality live music too! 

A joint production between Music for Miniatures and Mirabelle Arts with Julie Payne and Aelfwyn Shipton performing many of Bach's well-known works whilst incorporating plenty of comedy and silliness.


​Practical information:

Suitable for: EYFS, KS1 & KS2

Can be performed inside or outside BUT is weather dependant! Fully acoustic and pop-up with no power required.

Timing: Allow up to 40 mins per performance (30min show plus Q&A)

NEW! The Owl & The Pussycat / Sea Fever

2 different shows that cover the whole school. The Owl and the Pussycat brings live music, puppets, beautiful poetry by Edward Lear and comedy to children in EYFS/KS1. Sea Fever uses the same cast but explores the poem by John Masefield for KS2. Again with live music, interactive storytelling, giggles and song.

Practical information:

Suitable for: EYFS, KS1 (Owl & Pussycat)  & KS2 (Sea Fever)

You can choose to have 2x Owl & Pussycat, or 2 x Sea Fever or 1 of each depending on the age group you wish to target

Timing: 30 mins per performance

Paddington's First Concert - EYFS & KS1

Piano and narrator perform words by Michael Bond, music by Herbert Chappell. The tale of what happens when a Bear called Paddington arrives in London and goes to a concert... Suitable for ages 3-7.

Petra Schofield and Julie Payne have taken this delightful piece and brought it to life with brilliant storytelling and great music. It's a piece that was originally written for orchestra - you can find a version with Stephen Fry narrating on YouTube. 

An entertaining show aimed at younger children, EYFS and KS1. It's a lovely accompaniment to any Paddington themed topic. 

Practical information:

Suitable for EYFS & KS1

Timing 25 mins

Photos by Charlie Matters

Interactive live music performances

Our musicians will inspire, excite and educate your children with a fantastic, interactive and entertaining professional concert & instrument demo! Cost includes 1 performance for whole school OR shorter visits to individual classes OR 2 short Key Stage assemblies.

Practical information:

Suitable for: EYFS, KS1 & KS2

You can choose which instruments you have, depending on your school preference or budget. We usually supply 2 musicians but it can be more!

Timing: Usually around 45mins/1 hr performance depending on number of musicians but can be shorter if doing individual classes

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