Our schools series is called Crescendo Concerts. Crescendo means getting louder (or bigger in the case of kids!). 
We provide socially distanced, interactive, educational and immersive live performances and/or workshops for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. 

Why choose Crescendo?

Maybe you're a teacher? Or member of the PTA? Or simply an enthusiastic parent? You want to include high quality live music to enrich your school's life and inspire pupils? We can help! 

We can provide:


  • Musicians to perform a short concert/demonstration for any age group. We can bring musicians of any instrument, all DBS checked, all very experienced at presenting to children, and all of the highest quality.

  • The Story of a Nutcracker. Theatrical Chamber Music at its very best with stunning live music, amazing storytelling and a roller-skating Sugar Plum Fairy. Cast of 6 and completely pop-up so can visit anywhere! This is set during the lead up to a party so can be performed at any time of year.





Reviews of The Story of a Nutcracker

"The story of two young girls and their magical journey is told by an extremely versatile ensemble of six actor/musicians who switch from playing a multitude of musical instruments to storytelling, bubble-blowing, roller skating, stilt walking and everything in between.

All of the action is set to Rob Buckland’s stunning contemporary arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece.

All of your favourite music is there; The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, The Nutcracker March, The Russian Dance and all performed live, but in a way that makes it feel completely fresh and relevant to this modern adaptation.

Pretty fairy lights and colourful flashing lights fill the intimate playing space adding to the magic and wonder.

The bubble routine is probably the closest thing you can get to witnessing real magic on the stage. A rare occasion in theatre where both old and young sit gazing, open-mouthed in awe and wonder." Bath Echo


"The show follows the adventures of two sisters leaving the house of a beloved grandmother for the last time.  Uncle D arrives with his annual bagful of surprises, this year including a nutcracker, but the sisters’ squabbling leaves the toy broken. How it’s mended is a lesson for both of them.

As the story unfolds, the brilliant musical quintet plays Rob Buckland’s arrange­ment of Tchaikovsky’s familiar and ever-popular Nutcracker Suite, complete with Russian and Chinese dances and, of course, the Sugar Plum Fairy’s own moment.


The cast are all working together to create the magic, adventure and delight of a show aimed at young children but equally entrancing for parents and grandparents." Fine Times Recorder 


Running time 50 mins. Completely pop-up and only requires power for piano. No elaborate set up, perfect for school halls, village halls and anywhere flat! 


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Nurseries and Pre-Schools. We can visit your setting and give short, distanced performances for your children. 

Past shows

We're currently only providing musicians for performances and touring The Story of a Nutcracker, but please read on to see what we've done in the past! 


This show is not currently touring.

"This carefully managed blend of music, audience interaction, surprises, poignant moments and belly-laughs ensured that every child (and adult) remained under the performers’ spell throughout. In a word: magical!" Headteacher, St Stephen's Primary School

"A fantastic way to enrich our wider curriculum" Headteacher, Ubley Primary School

"A unique opportunity to engage with high quality live music and drama" Teacher, Larkrise Special School


A fabulous event for the whole school as Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes are brought to life! Enter the world of Miss Riding Hood as she journeys through the forest, watch as three pigs build their houses and hear all about a Tummy Beast…

6 musicians and 3 actors form the cast for this spectacular telling of the famous Revolting Rhymes. The performance includes the Revolting Rhymes - Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and from Dirty Beasts, The Pig, The Tummy Beast and The Crocodile.

With words by Roald Dahl, music by Paul Patterson and Martin Butler, and directed by Petra Schofield, this is a fabulous production for schools! Experience what it’s like to be up close to a flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and piano played by professionals, and watch as the live action unfolds right in front of you to tell the dramatic stories… 

Revolting Rhymes in action!


This show is not currently touring.

“The Snowman performance was sensational. Our students were fully engaged throughout and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. An uplifting, inspirational and enriching experience”  Principal, Venturer's Academy


A Christmas Celebration combines live music with amazing theatre to tell two very festive tales. A Visit from Saint Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore and The Snowman by Howard Blake. In a performance that lasts around 50 minutes, the cast of 3 will weave their magic and cast a very special spell over your whole school...

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