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Music for Miniatures is a Registered Charity in England and Wales number 1184284.

We'll add to this page each day with various musical activities! And please don't forget to donate to keep our concerts coming back to you when all this is over! We rely on ticket sales for a huge proportion of our income so please help to keep us going in the meantime and support our wonderful musicians who have no live gigs at the moment.

Online concerts and performances


CBeebies Prom

A wonderful journey with plenty of your favourite CBeebies characters!


BBC Ten Pieces

A truly magnificent set of videos about various amazing pieces. If you watch nothing else, watch these!!!!!

Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 18.09.31.png

Rock the Tots LIVE!

This husband and wife team perform covers of pop songs with interaction. They do live shows on facebook every Thursday at 11am. Local musicians, they need your support - please pop a few quid in their pot!