Concert dates coming up

​The concerts are on Wednesday mornings in Bath and Saturday mornings in Bath, Frome and Street. All concerts start at 10:30am. ​​​Each concert features a different combination of instruments, so you'll hear a great variety of music!​ Each concert brings different musicians, and each musician brings with them a different atmosphere. Even the musicians that have performed several times for us bring a different programme each time so nothing is ever the same! The concerts are 45 mins long and the pieces are all short, meaning there's little chance of little ones getting bored. The music is engaging and varied, and there's definitely no Twinkle, Twinkle or Wheels on the Bus!

  • WED 4th March - BATH, Salvation Army

  • SAT 14th March - BATH, St Swithin's

  • SAT 28th March - FROME, Rise (formerly HUBnub Centre)

How to get tickets

Tickets for our concerts are available online or on the door. They're the same price whichever way you choose. There's NO BOOKING FEE when you buy online, and it means you don't have to struggle with buggy, child, and purse on concert day. PLEASE NOTE - If you choose to buy your tickets on the door, we now take cash OR card.

If you buy online, you only need to give your name on the door so you don't even have to print off the e-ticket or find the email on your phone. 


Tickets cost £9 per adult/child pair, £5 per extra adult, £3 per extra child. We also offer a family ticket - 2 adults and 2 children £16. A child counts from birth onwards.



Venue information


St Swithin's Church

The SATURDAY concerts in BATH are at St Swithin's Church, The Paragon, Bath, BA1 5LY. There's a fab cafe in town - Fox and Kit. It's set up for parents and kids. It's amazing!


It's easy to get to - either parking in the Podium and walking up Walcot Street, or coming across from the top of Milsom Street and along The Paragon. 7 mins walk from The Podium car park or 10 mins from Charlotte Street. Or up through town from the bus/train station. Or, park at Morrison's on London Road and walk (10 mins walk, 3 hours FREE parking!).


Salvation Army

The WEDNESDAY concerts in BATH are at the Bath Citadel (Salvation Army Church), Green Park Rd, Bath BA1 1XE.


It's opposite Green Park Station (Sainsbury's) on the way into town from the Sainsbury's car park (FREE for 90 mins). Cafe is open daily with snacks and coffee/tea.


Rise (HUBnub)

The FROME concerts are at HUBnub Centre, Whittox Lane, Frome, BA11 3BY.


Probably easiest to park in the Cheese and Grain car park and walk up. 5 mins walk up the side of the building from the car park or you can easily walk from other areas of the town. PLEASE NOTE - there is NO PARKING AT THE VENUE! There is a fabulous cafe on site serving delicious coffee and cake too!


Crispin Hall

The STREET concerts are at Crispin Hall, High Street, Street, BA16 0EZ


There's plenty of parking nearby in Street and there are plenty of places to grab a snack and a cuppa on the high street or in nearby Clarks Village.

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