Our COVID- Secure Concert Information

Please read this before you book tickets or

come to any of our events!


We are working together with our venues to ensure our events are COVID-secure and safe for everyone. Here's how:


  • Masks must be worn by all adults inside all buildings. Our performers are exempt from this under the current government guidelines when performing.  

  • Booking is essential. You must bring your own rug and remain on that rug throughout the performance. Please make sure that the only people on your rug are from your family bubble. You cannot mix households (or bubbles) on the same booking.

  • Unlike our previous concerts, sadly we must insist that children (and adults) remain on your rug and you can't just wander around with them. Please feel free to boogie on your rug though! Dance and enjoy the music, but all within the confines of your rug. Your children are your responsibility and they must not be allowed to wander off! 

  • We've carefully calculated the number of rugs we can fit in working on an average rug size of 150cmx150cm.

  • If you or your child feel at all unwell on the performance day, DO NOT COME! If you know in advance that you're not going to make it, please let us know and we will let the waiting list have your tickets.

  • If you need a chair, please bring your own or advise us well in advance. Chairs require a lot of cleaning between shows and we simply don't have the capacity to do that! We completely understand that some people may have a problem sitting on the floor for 30 mins, so do let us know!

  • Audience capacity is greatly reduced. We are a charity and operating under covid-secure guidelines so we are allowed to host more than 30 people. However, only in the larger of our venues will you find over 30 people as we simply can't safely fit that many people into our smaller venues. So, you can rest assured, it won't be crowded at all!

  • Buggy parking space will be limited and may be outside in some venues.

  • Ventilation is key - in some venues this will mean all the doors and windows are open throughout the concert. Please wear appropriate clothing and ensure that you are responsible for your child not escaping through an open door!