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We need YOU!
Volunteer with us

How can I help?

We are a charity and we always need volunteers! There are so many ways you can help Music for Miniatures, and you don't always have to give up your time...

  • Be a concert steward. This is such an easy thing to do but it makes such a difference! You'd welcome people to the concert, tick names off on a list, and take ticket money. 

  • Be a community ambassador. We need people 'on the ground' in all the areas where our concerts take place. To chat about us at toddler groups, to spread the word at the health visitor clinics, to put up flyers where people can see them etc

  • Spread the word! You know your community best, whether it be a NCT group, or parents in the playground. Please tell EVERYONE about us!

  • Share our social media posts. It only takes a second to share with your network, and it increases our reach so that we can invite even more families to enjoy live classical music.

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